8 Critical Questions to Ask Before Hiring a Web Designer – BOSS Magazine

Reading Time: 3 minutes

It’s important to ask the right questions during your web designer selection process. Who you pick to work with will determine the end product, which affects how your customers interact with your products and services. Scheduling a meet-and-greet can set up your project for success.

By asking the following smart questions, you’ll not only sound prepared, but you’ll also develop a stronger understanding of what your web designer can bring to your next project.

1. Do you have a portfolio I can look at?

Many web design companies showcase their work on their website. For example, The 215 Guys from Philadelphia have a diverse portfolio that includes eCommerce, lifestyle, and more.

Always look at their client work and take note of their design style and whether or not they place focus on user experience. Then ask yourself, “does their style align with my business?”

2. What research will you conduct for my business?

Great branding and web design require a lot of research of your business and industry to successfully market your business. Your preferred designer should want to work with you to understand your ideal client and build a marketing strategy around them.

Ask if they have a business specialty or have private information about a specific audience or industry.

3. Do you offer other services besides web design?