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7 Web Design Tips To Improve Your Site

A good first impression is everything.

This is especially true for websites as well because you’ve only got a few seconds to convince a user to peruse your website.


Most users will only read 20% of the content on your page. If your website is too busy and without a precise message or call to action, people will bounce. 

Lack of traffic or high bounce rate on your website could be a result of poor website design. There are a few things that can help you improve your website and web presence but if done incorrectly could impair your Google ranking and conversation rate. 

That’s why it’s common practice to delegate this responsibility to a web design agency. They use the best web design practices to bring the goal and vision for your website to life. Here are some web design tips on how to improve your website: 

Make Your Site Load Faster 

Most web users have a very short attention span. Hence, users get discouraged and move on easily, when you have a website with a slow load time. It’s something you’ve probably mindlessly on other people’s websites. To not have this happen to your website should ideally load within three secs. Here are some ways you could declutter your website and decrease your bounce rate: