What Every B2B Brand Can Learn from Silicon Valley’s Best Web Designers and Developers – Grit Daily

Your website is your first impression, and it can make or break your relationship with the client. A bad website can minimize a potential client’s trust, make it difficult for them to find information, and reduce the chance that they’ll reach out to you. 

The team behind WebEnertia has been building and designing websites for decades. They started their work at the beginning of the dot-com explosion, and they’ve been leading the market ever since. They bridge a unique gap in the market by catering to B2B businesses, helping them engineer compelling brand stories and websites that generate traffic and sales. 

But B2C web design and development looks immensely different from B2B design. Today, the team at WebEnertia shares its top tips for building a compelling B2B website that converts.

Understand the difference between B2B and B2C design needs 

Your website is the most powerful digital marketing tool at your disposal. It works to increase your brand’s visibility and generate sales for your organization, providing a direct connection to customers and driving the business forward. A decade ago, it may have been enough to simply be online (in whatever capacity, with whatever tools you could manage) to take part in digital marketing

In 2021, this won’t cut it. Now, in order to strategically use digital marketing, brands need a deep understanding of their industries, markets, competition, and users.