7 Tips to Successfully Start a Freelance Web Design Career – SWAAY

Freelance is an area that attracts both beginner-level designers and experienced experts at professional UX/UI design agencies. It gives them the chance to learn something new by working on exciting projects. Plus, they can earn some money on the side. However, some people dream about being full-time freelancers, while others are actively living the dream.

In order to properly start your freelance career, you need to prepare, research and follow several guiding principles. In this article, we’ll walk you through the following 7 steps for freelance newbies that will help you start your web design career on the right foot.

Build a Mind-Blowing Web Designer Career in 7 Steps

Web design exploded in the past couple of years, and many freelancers are starting to take notice. If this list of web designers convinces you that anyone can find success as a freelancer, then our list of tips should inspire you to take a chance on yourself and your career.

Step 1: Research Cost, Taxes and Insurance

Career changes are packed with multiple unknowns and variables, but you can ease your anxiety by researching everything you need to get started. A freelance web design career requires an upfront cost, different tax forms and insurance coverage, and time requirements. 

All freelance web designers need a domain name and hosting service, marketing materials, software, desk space, and subscriptions for stock photo sites or other resources. If you aren’t quitting your day job, you can use your existing career to fund