Color Trends in Web Design: 2021 Edition – Flux Magazine

words Al Woods

2021 will most likely become the year of major changes and drastic breakthroughs in the field of web design. We can already witness exciting color palette solutions and original uses of gradients and duotones, and from this post, you’ll discover the main trends in the color schemes for websites in 2021 that are not to be missed. Keep reading if you want your designs to be fresh and up to date.

Color Trends

Top 5 Color Trends to Follow in Web Design

So what are the hottest color trends 2021 that every web designer should follow? 

Dark Mode

Dark themes are the latest trend in app design. After Apple had finally released dark mode for iPhones and macOS, it was only a matter of time before it appeared everywhere. Top web design agencies also decided to implement this mode for their solutions. Once they were rare, now dark themes are everywhere. 

When done well, the dark mode has many advantages. It reduces eye strain, making the nightly online experience much more pleasurable. They are easier to read in low light, like while on the subway or a bus. And they can significantly reduce battery consumption. 

Colour Trends


Gradients and color filters have been around for a couple of years now and still haven’t lost their popularity among