Future of Website Design: How Will Web Design Change in 2021? – Influencive

About their lives, one can only make educated guesses (which more often than not turns out to be wrong). Web design, on the other hand, is characterized by current trends and changes in the digital environment. While nothing is set in stone, a thorough examination of the market and its impacting forces can provide useful insight into what tomorrow may bring.

We’ve scoured the internet’s darkest corners to bring you superb material in the shape of a time machine. Here are some of the changes that web design will undergo over time.

A Quick Overview Of The Evolution Of Web Design

The initial websites were unavoidably primitive in the early 1990s when the internet was still in its infancy. This wasn’t simply due to the lack of tools available to web designers; it was also due to the dreadfully slow internet connections.

With faster network speeds came feature-rich, fast-loading websites that integrated form and function without sacrificing either.

The recent proliferation of smartphones has pushed mobile-first design to the forefront of the discussion. This is only another example of the industry’s continuous evolution over the years.

Now that you know where the internet has been, it’s time to think about where it’s going. What will web design look like in the future, and how will web development change as new technologies emerge?

Artificial Intelligence & Chatbots

The concept of artificial intelligence has sparked a lot of discussions (AI). It’s not only a question of whether we can program a machine to think for itself; it’s also