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Web Design and Web Development, what is the difference?  Both terms tend to be alternately used to describe the website building process, so are they the same?  No, there is a difference, web design is all about the aesthetics of a website – how it looks and the user experience.  Web development refers to the work that goes on at the back end to produce a fully functioning website.

There is much speculation that in the future the two roles will merge into one.  Already the most sought-after web developers are also proficient in web design.  Someone who has both creative and technical skills is ideal.  It is hugely beneficial to have both as they can see a project through from start to finish.  Issues like miscommunication or differing ideas are stamped out.

With improvements to web development software reducing the need to code, anyone can create a website now, the role of the coder writing it all from scratch is becoming a rarity.

Web Design

Web design is concerned with the visual look of a website and the functionality from a user’s perspective. Web designers take the ideas and concepts of a client and transform them into websites.  They work with design software like Adobe to create aesthetically appealing websites which have a good user experience (UX). They then pass those designs onto developers.

UX design refers to the process of designing a website that is useful, simple to navigate, and pleasurable to use.  It’s