What Makes Affordable Web Design For SME’s Across New Zealand – Scoop.co.nz

Whilst many think of affordable web design being just
about the price paid for a website, the simple truth is
affordable web design it’s about getting great value for
money for the service (website) received.

Here at
DIGICO we believe all businesses should be able to achieve
and receive great value web design services; the cost of a
website should not be the reason why businesses cannot get

Here’s the list we think makes the
requirements for affordable web design:

Whilst it’s not the sole factor for affordable web design,
naturally price comes into it. We understand what can be
affordable for one business might be unaffordable for
another and therefore is subjective.

Our mission here
at DIGICO is that believe a website should be accessible
through a low or nil upfront cost and reasonable monthly

• THE ADDED EXTRAS: Headline rates are all
well and good but the devil is in the detail. The only devil
that we like here at DIGICO is devil cake.

arbitrary limits are put in place such as the number of
products you can have on a site, or transaction fees
charged, or page limits, or every little minor change being
a cost… all of a sudden, the headline rate and the price
actually paid seemed to be poles apart.

When we set up
the DIGICO we decided to do away with added