Why Baltimore web design firm 6NINETY9 relocated to Wilmington – Technical.ly Delaware

When Donté and Alisha Murphy recently made the move to Wilmington, they brought their Baltimore-founded web design company 6NINETY9 with them.

The city made sense for them, both culturally and location-wise.

“I’m originally from New Jersey, and we’d just drive through Delaware,” Donté said of his earliest memories of the state. “There really wasn’t much here to pull people here — there was Rehoboth Beach and that was it. But in the last five or six years I kept hearing about Delaware. My wife’s family is from Maryland, my family is from Jersey, so it’s in between. We like that it has an actual, real sense of community, which I never had in New Jersey.”

Cost of living was another draw: “It’s half of what we paid for apartments for an entire three-bedroom, two-bathroom house here.”

Back in Baltimore, 6NINETY9 was recognized as one of the top web designers in the city by expertise.com. Now the company, named after its small business-friendly pricing, aims to be one of the top web design firms in Delaware.

“All we do is websites, website management, Google listing and advertisement,” said Donté, who is the primary designer, while Alisha makes sure the business runs smoothly. “The greatest difference [between 6NINETY9 and other web designers] is price as it relates to quality. We’ve been able to produce a website at the price of $699 and still have great quality. We design with mobile in mind first, rather than thinking desktop and trying