9 Stunning Web Design Trends For 2021 – – VENTS Magazine

While the web design trends have continuously evolved over the years, 2021 promises to bring new and unique design skills to web designs. Rather than focusing on hi-tech fantasy, the web trends of 2021 are more focused on reaching the heights of realism.

So, if you are working on a brand new website and are in search of some exciting web designs that can glue your visitors, this blog is for you! 

Parallax Animation

It has been observed that web-based animation has gained popularity over the past few years. The web animations of 2021 will have a separation of page elements in both the background and foreground extremes. This will create a parallax effect.


This effect is believed to resemble both digital embossing and debossing. This helps the designers in the reclamation of the tactile experience that was once lost in the era of flat design. Stylized realism is expected to be seen on the buttons, text boxes and search bars.

Abstract Art Compositions

Web designers are going to incorporate abstract shapes consisting of geometric primitives like squares, circles, etc. Into compositions that are complex and sprawling.

Stock photography and other figure illustrations are expected to be replaced by these arrangements.

New Comfortable Colors 

Nowadays, it is observed that users spend a considerable amount of time on the screen. As a result, eye strain is prevalent among users. A web designer has come up with colours that are going to be easier on the eyes. Web designers have been thinking outside both dark and