Learn Front-End Web Design With This Discounted Masterclass – PCMag.com

Web development is a healthy way to make a living—it can also be a great way to flex your creative muscles, but you’ve got to have the skills first. If you’re new to programming it can seem quite daunting to get started. However, there are some easy ways to learn that don’t involve leaving your couch. Case in point: The Complete Front-End Developer Bundle, a series of linked online courses that provide everything you need to thrive in this exciting field.

You can expect plenty of training on the essential language you need to know, and even some new platforms that are making the modern designer’s job easier. It starts with a primer lecture on HTML5 and CSS, at the end of which you’ll have designed a complete website. From there, dive into workshops on JavaScript, before exploring newer platforms like React and Bootstrap 4. While each class ensures you become an expert in individual tools, users will also learn how the platforms work together.

There are also lessons on creative software, taught by a mix of veteran developers and designers who have worked on Hollywood hits. Their courses will introduce you to everything from the workhorses in Adobe’s Creative Cloud suite (including Illustrator and Photoshop) to tools like Sketch 3 that work beautifully in web and app design.

It’s all included in 66 hours of training, along with resources you can use throughout your professional career. PCMag readers can get The Complete Front-End Developer Bundle for $41—97% off