Learn the Secrets of Great Web Design With This $15 Bundle – PCMag.com

If you’re outside the tech sector, you could be forgiven for thinking that all the best-paying jobs involve endless hours staring at lines of code. And while programmers do make up a large part of the internet economy, there is a ton of creative (and lucrative) work available for competent web designers.

Good design is crucial for building any brand, and that goes double when it comes to creating the virtual home of a business. This generation of customers wants information and products quickly, and that means successful websites need to be as efficient as they are eye-catching. There’s no room for error once you’re on the job as a front-end designer, so how do you learn the ropes?

There are few ways quicker than the Introduction to UX/UI Design Bundle. Before you even start tinkering with the various software tools that make web design possible, you’ve got to know what goes into a well-designed page. No matter what platform you use, this series of five courses will get you the firm foundation you need.

Start off with a basic primer on the various elements of User Experience/User Interface philosophy, starting with the reasons why compelling images draw our eye—and where. Then you’ll learn to apply those principles to your own UX/UI projects, keeping the 10 important “usability heuristics” in mind. Within hours, you’ll get an expert walkthrough on color theory, topography terms, and other concepts you’ll use on the job every day.

After that, move on to exercises that