The Best Website Builders of 2021 – Investopedia

Final Verdict

The right website builder for you will be easy to use, highly customizable, and scalable to fit your situation. Most solutions offer very similar features, and regardless of which service you choose, you can rest easy knowing your site will come with an SSL certificate and have additional web security measures in place. You can expect that nearly any website builder will have some way to make it easier to build your own site, whether it’s through a drag-and-drop interface or an automated method.

We found that Wix was our choice for the best overall website builder. Not only does it offer a simple drag-and-drop interface, but Wix was one of the few solutions we found to offer an automated website creator that builds a new website based on a series of questions answered by the user. With built-in SEO tools and the ability to incorporate a wide range of app integrations, Wix makes it easier to start and maintain a website.

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