Web Design Trends in 2021 – BOSS Magazine

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Another year, another mystery box filled with trends – some new, some returning – and webpage fashions for designers to get acquainted with.

Since the advent of the world wide web, the aesthetics that come to dominate our PCs, phones and tablets have been defined by off-screen trends, technological advances, the creative juices of thousands of developers around the globe, and, of course, those mysterious forces that seemingly generate and destroy internet-wide movements at whim.

Professional-Grade Design, Code-Free

Until very recently, it seemed as though anyone looking to create and publish their own website had to choose between the website builders intended for individuals, or the demands of coding a website from scratch.

When it came to allowing designers to unbridle their creativity, and fully explore their own limitations in terms of performance, visuals and layout, what made it onto the world wide web was often limited to what lay within their capabilities, and what sacrifices had to be made to ensure functionality.

Now, however, a professional standard for website building has been set. If you are looking for the scope to explore dynamic and responsive design – and, better still, the ability to write as much or as little of your own HTML and CSS code as you want – then you can now Source…