5 important web design trends for 2021 – AZ Big Media

Web design is continually evolving.

It’s our job to sort through the latest trends and predict which ones are grounded in sound web design – and which trends will likely fade and become dated.

Here are five important web design trends for 2021.

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1. Minimalism

We expect minimalism to be a dominant trend across all design mediums in 2021. For example, we identified several minimalism trends in our look at 2021 logo design trends, product design trends, and packaging design trends.

Web design is following the same minimalist trend.

In web design, minimalism involves using only essential elements – simple text and typefaces, plenty of space, monochrome or duo-chrome color palettes, and simple graphics.

You can see these essential elements in the web design below.

Winning design made by awesomecreatives on crowdspring

Here, Dune Lab’s new website design focuses on simplicity.

There is plenty of negative space, and the design features straightforward and eye-catching graphics.

Not only does minimalistic design draw the viewer’s attention, but it also leaves them wanting more. So, naturally, they start wandering deeper into your website.

Now, there’s a fine line between too little and too much information. Your website must still address the most critical issues that people who visit your website need to be answered, and it must