Sales Oriented Web Design: Designing Websites that Generate More Revenue – Programming Insider

In online retail, web design is one of the most important aspects that determines sales performance, as it influences the site’s conversion rate quite heavily. We will first focus on some of the primary reasons as to why web design plays such a key role in boosting or decreasing sales performance of eCommerce sites.

First Impressions

There are several stages which define a customer’s position within the sales funnel, but it always begins with interest. The incoming traffic must like how the site looks and what they see on it if they are to stay for longer than a few seconds on the landing page. Several visual aspects such as the choice of colour scheme, suitability of the chosen theme, text placement, media placement and other similar elements must come together harmoniously for the page to create a good first impression on the incoming traffic. Conversion on the first visit is not the target here, but generating interest and retaining it for a second visit is.

Ease of Access and Fluidity

Every commercial site must be designed with ease of access and fluidity in mind. Even if the site has products/services that a potential customer is very much interested in, the visitor is very unlikely to convert if they find the task of