How to Become a Web Developer – Southern New Hampshire University

A woman points at a computer screen and gives advice on how to become a web developer

With nearly every industry relying on the internet to manage business operations, web development is an in-demand skill that can offer a wide variety of job opportunities. Understanding how to become a web developer can be the first step toward a successful career.

With the growth of do-it-yourself web design programs and cloud-based software, it may seem simple to learn web design and development. But if you dream of building a career in the technology field, you’ll need a strong background in web design education and development experience.

Linda Gaston with text Linda Gaston“If you’re pursuing a career in technology, you have to be committed to perpetual learning,” said Linda Gaston, a web development manager and adjunct instructor at Southern New Hampshire University (SNHU). “You’ll always have to be in a learning state. Technology pops up so quickly, much of your learning will have to be self-directed and through self-discovery.”

Are you ready to learn valuable skills and prepare for an exciting technology career? Before you begin to explore how to become a developer, it’s important to understand what web development is and what a web developer does.

What is Web Development?

Web development is a broad field that plays a role in almost every industry. As a web developer, you could work to design websites or program the latest mobile app. You could create cloud-based software that helps businesses run more efficiently or