What Does A Web Designer Actually Do? – Programming Insider

The profession of Web-designer was born in the early ‘90s with the emergence of the world computer network. Since then, the first websites began to appear on the internet, and to attract attention to them, their owners entrusted their design to a professional.

A web designer is a specialist who creates websites, has artistic taste and knowledge of internet technology.

This is a relatively young, dynamic profession. A web designer uses markup, special programs, and programming languages, designs the logical structure of web pages to create a user-friendly interface, and does the artistic design.

What is a web design?

It is obvious that good design affects the attractiveness of the site and profits. Therefore, a good specialist must know the current web technologies and have good taste. Nowadays, design services are provided by special companies and freelancers.

Web design is a branch of web development and a type of design aimed at creating a visual language (can include different types of graphics: photos, illustrations, etc.). Web designers create the structure of web pages, think through the user-friendly functionality and make the artistic design of the project.

The site designer can create any layout for:

  • business cards or a lending website;
  • online shop or corporate website;
  • logos or advertising banner;
  • email distribution templates.

The main purpose of such