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In the early days of newspapers, they used paste-ups to design the front page. It was an easy way to visualize and collaborate over an eye-catching layout. These days, Adobe XD does the same thing for designers of all kinds. Websites, app interfaces, and more can be mocked up quickly and implemented cleanly with this versatile tool.

All this is to say: If you’re hoping to break into graphic design, you’d better get handy with Adobe XD. So how do you do that? The quickest path is an expertly curated boot camp, courtesy of The Prestige Adobe Suite UI/UX Certification Bundle. There are lots of ways to learn tech skills online, but few provide a focus on web and app design the way this series of 11 courses can.

And, as the title implies, you won’t just come away with 100 full hours of instruction; completion of these courses means you’ll have earned certificates to prove your expertise. The nature of this bundle means that newbies to the Adobe Creative Suite can start with the basics, but established designers who need to hone their skills can jump in anywhere. There are courses here on every aspect of digital design—from the nuts and bolts of basic animation to the principles of solid design on any platform.

Of course, you’ll learn to work with Adobe XD, but that’s just the beginning. When you’re learning about web design, you’ll get tutorials that show you how to make it work with HTML5 and CSS,