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SEO and Web Design are Linked

We’ve all been there. You found the right keywords. Made sure they were too competitive. Wrote a great post or page, even got perfect grades on Yoast or SEMRush.

But, when it’s published, you barely break the top 100. The answer may be simple – poor web design, a topic often glossed over in guides to SEO.

Many believe that SEO and Web Design are separate. However, the opposite is true. The same content posted to a well-designed site will significantly outrank an unoptimized design.

To understand why that is, you need to understand how search engines work and how to build a web design that takes advantage of it.

Web Design is Linked to SEO Performance

How Search Engines Work

Search Theory

The principles behind search goes back to the year 1900s. The math behind search started, oddly enough, as part of industrial design and operations. This may not be as surprising as you may think.

Example Building a Car

For example, if you are building a car. You need parts, labor, and distribution. Each element, parts, labor, and distribution has some risk. If you wanted to build a certain number of cars per month, for instance, you need to understand how these risks are interconnected so you can plan accordingly.

While the models are complex, the point is how similar it looks to user site usage and backlinks. Where certain paths are dependent on prior paths, and some paths are more likely than others.