3 Web Design Techniques To Improve A Website | CoFounder – CoFounder Magazine

Creating a digital footprint for your business is not enough. As an entrepreneur, you have to endeavor to go above and beyond, specifically when designing your company’s website.

Within seconds of visiting your website, visitors should be able to tell what your business brand is all about, whether when visiting your blog, checking for product pricing, or checking out the about section of your business website.

The navigation through all these pages should be smooth and seamless. On the occasion that you spot that your site is not gathering as many website visitors as earlier anticipated, it may be time that you employ some design techniques to help you improve the visibility and appearance of your site.

Develop a Plan

It is not enough for one to acknowledge that their website requires a few tweaks to help boost user experience and functionality. You need to come up with a detailed plan showcasing which particular parts of your site need redesigning.

The first step towards creating an actionable plan would be to map out your visitors’ journey when they first visit your website and document the pages they visit until the moment they choose to become an active customer.

Having a comprehensive understanding of a customer’s journey will help you come up with a well-designed website that is driven towards nurturing leads through your developed sales funnel.

If you are a bit confused about how to go about planning your site’s design effectively, you can opt to collaborate with certified web design agencies such as